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The South African Bush is a crucible of nature's magnificence, a landscape of wildness and dangerous beauty; a world richly informed by what is seen and unseen. On this adventure we will enter into a world of wisdom and meaning that has been present from the beginning of time. We will spend most of our time in the South African Bush, in glorious accommodations, with expert guides. We will encounter ways of knowing, observe the inexorable play of life and death, and we will see in the world around us and be part of the profound majesty of the wild.

LeslieOur world class Israeli-South African guide, Leslie Udwin, has lead Educational Safaris to Israel for over twenty years and Africa for ten years.  He will be your personal guide on this adventure. The oldest known human records lead us back to Africa. As Leslie sees it, everyone must travel to Africa to feel where the human journey began and experience the sacred ‘in the raw’ without the layers and structures of our everyday civilization. To put it another way -  you know what lies around the corner in your home town: in Africa - you never know.  Somewhere between beauty and wildness we feel the sacred and experience the unexpected. For some this is a pilgrimage, for others an excellent adventure!

The fun can begin anytime, for many it's when they see their first big game and experience the awe (or terror!) of being so close to wildness. Sometimes you'll have your camera ready, sometimes you're so amazed you forget to use it. One of the fortunate pleasures of the adventure is sharing stories with your fellow travelers over delicious food and drink in excellent accommodations. There is no zoo for thousands of miles. This is not the Discovery Channel. You're not flipping through your dog-eared copies of National Geographic. The images that have captured your imagination from TV books, or the movies are before you, living and breathing.

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